Aviva Zilberman is a high-end ready-to-wear fashion house founded in 2008 by Aviva Zilberman. Since the brand launched, its mission is to create a day wardrobe that will allow women to reveal the elegance that we all possess, even if we don’t always know how to express it. Aviva’s vision of fashion is the result of continuous search of the structure of garments and her concern for realistic proportions. She creates elegant collections that contain powerful and delicate appositeness, where lays a masculine strictness and a feminine sensuality, and where outfits laid on the body with extreme precision, like an endlessly renewed conversation with women.

Aviva Zilberman Flagship Store
Aviva Zilberman Flagship Store - The Scent

23 Melchett st.,
Tel Aviv, Israel
Sun-Thur: 10am–7:30pm GMT+2
Fri: 10am–3pm GMT+2
P: +972 3 641 1682